Saturday, November 21, 2015


Hello my dearest friends,
Well where do I begin...I've missed you all so much. I have many things to tell you.
Lets start out with with the website change. I did tell you all that I was going to change my name to "Northern Living" but...In further research I decided to keep Wendling & Boyd. The title, to me, is what Northern Living was going to be ( I'll get to that in a bit ). So in saying that,  Wendling & Boyd is where I'm going to stay. But how did this come about? Why the name change? Why the new aesthetic of "Northern Living"? Here's the story...
So as you know...this blog has become a place to support local businesses and coffee. I do love that yes but Wendling & Boyd became this thing that thrived on collaborations and people sending me things to review. And with "Tyler Talks" it also became a place for me to complain about what was going on in my life. I started losing my blogging will and lost interest in it... As you all remember, this blog started out with traveling. With being a full time student I haven't be able to travel as much as I want to. With my family having traveling genes that transmuted into me...I need to escape sometimes... So... Last Friday happened.

I was sitting in my room all morning trying to figure out what I needed to do with this blog...All of a sudden, I read on my personal Facebook wall that there were these rather large (20ft) waves at the Grand Haven lighthouse. I messaged my friend Austin ( who I have never met in my life ) to see if he was in town. He was getting ready to go there as we were talking. Also he wanted me to go to a coffee shop there...which all of you know...I couldn't turn down. I got in my car and headed towards Grand Haven. I made my way over there and I felt this nostalgia that brought happiness to my mind. I was actually getting away and I was truly happy. I parked my car and made my way to the coffee shop where I'd meet Austin.  He walked in and we both got our chemex brewed coffee and had the most intellectual conversation about art and life. Something that we both enjoy for sure. Before we left, I met with his friend Brittany, also a worker at Aldea Coffee,  who wanted to meet me this whole time. If you're reading this, thank you for the hug and the lovely talk. Then...we made our way to the lighthouse. It was really cold out but we bundled up and walked the distance. Austin, being a native of Grand Haven, was giving me the run down of what the city is like and what he did as a kid here. I felt normal again. I felt like I was back "home". When we made it to the beach we stopped because they closed off the pier because of the wind and the waves. It was cloudy but all of a sudden, across the lake, the sun shined on the horizon line...My phone died, my camera made everything stop. My worries and sadness was gone and I just took in the view... As the sun disappeared we made our way back to downtown and Austin continued to show me around downtown Grand Haven... Austin and I parted and as I drove home... a quote from Austin rang true in my head..."You could always write your own magazine" thats brings me to the now.
Here are the photos of that day:

So now...
Where does the leave Wendling & Boyd? Well it is now going to be a place where I give out content and not focusing on collaborators and products. Coffee will still be a main focus as well. I'm rebranding Wendling and Boyd with a new logo too.
Here is the manifesto of the new blog/magazine 
So with saying that, Wendling & Boyd is going to finally become this rustic, hearthy hot spot where I'm going to share recipes, design work, stories, memories, and much more of the things that I did as a kid and the things that are about the northern living lifestyle that I hold dear.
Have a great weekend guys. Its snowing here in Grand Rapids and I'm currently dancing around my apartment listening to Christmas music. 
Much Love-

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