Saturday, May 16, 2015

Uncommon Coffee Roasters Est: 1994

In Saugatuck, MI there's a coffee roasting company called Uncommon Coffee. When I was in town for the tulip festival in Holland last weekend, I headed towards Saugatuck to see the city for what it is. And let me tell you, its beautiful. The most quaint nautical city I've ever seen. The spring weather along with the boats driving by on the bay really made the epitome of summer enter my mind. The flowers were in bloom and the shops were open with welcoming arms. The art is thriving all over town with its abundance of galleries and the community was the nicest I've ever experienced. Everyone saying hello and or asking how our day was; it was nice to meet so many wonderful people. So here's the story of Uncommon Coffee!

Uncommon Coffee was establish in 1994 with their cafe in Saugatuck and it's also a company who also has classes in their neighboring institute and roasting facility in Douglas, MI. Which has two rather large coffee roasters ( when the barista told me that my heart skipped a beat...).They hand craft ever cup of coffee and get their beans from small companies. Uncommon Coffee takes pride in their craft and for what its worth, every coffee company should. Providing a supreme cup of espresso to the community is the best in my eyes. Coffee does make the world go round. Uncommon Grounds hand crafts coffee but also smoothies and has a bakery as well. They also make and bottle their own cold brew. Who wouldn't love this little shop?

"Our trained baristas prepare every drink with care to ensure our customers enjoy a quality coffee every time.  Our espresso bar features classic drinks and house made syrups.  We offer a variety of single cup brew methods as well as our daily auto drip."- Uncommon Grounds

The interiors of this coffee shop was so welcoming. The wood tones and the natural light really made it feel homey. I can't explain it but I loved the vibe. We were welcomed by the barista and were asked what we wanted to drink. You'll know me and my cafe miel obsession, so I ordered theirs. It was sweetened with honey and it literally tasted like heaven. Meredith got a bottle of cold brew and a green smoothie which were also delicious. As I talked with the barista about the coffee she really took interest in Wendling & Boyd and suggested that I take classes. Which I plan on to in the future. I can't wait to go back to this little coffee shop. I'll be back soon Saugatuck!

Give them some love guys!

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