Friday, April 3, 2015

Stargazer Roast by Paramo Coffee Company

Paramo Coffee Company was founded in 2014 and is stationed in San Francisco California.

How Paramo started: 

 "Paramo started with a cup of coffee, as many crazy ideas do.
Specifically, it started with friends sitting over a cup of coffee marvelling at how simple the pleasure of coffee is. Or should be.Yes, we knew about the tons of knowledge, effort and experience required to get the results we were enjoying in this cup, but the enjoyment itself was so simple. And that's what we liked. When you sit down to drink your morning coffee, you may not wish to think about farming methods, roasting profiles, cupping scores, farm names, or barista pro tips. You may just want to drink your coffee and enjoy it while thinking about your family, the sun rise, your next camping trip or anything else that is important to you. And when your mind returns to the hot cup of coffee in front of you, it should just be pleasurable. Just the way you like it. That's the idea anyway. We're coffee veterans who drink coffee for pleasure and who want to allow you that experience too.There's a lot that goes into great coffee behind the scenes. If you want to peek behind the curtain, we welcome you. But you don't need to. That's Paramo." Said by Paramo

The lovely and the ever so great  sent me this lovely bag of beans from Paramo. As I  researched the company and their beans, I decided to order the Stargazer blend. It's from the Konga Mill in Yirgacheffe, Ethiopia. I was looking for an eccentric flavored bean and guess what? I got it! This roast was so light and floral, it's the perfect roast for spring. The notes of lavender and and vanilla gave it this almost...full bodied, floral, richness that was oh so mouthwatering, I couldn't resist brewing cup after cup. Pro-tip: This roast is perfect for lavender latte's. (I'll have a recipe up in the next couple of weeks). It's delicate and with a spoonful of sugar the lavender notes truly come out. 
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I'd just like to thank Forrest again for sending my this wonderful bag of beans. I'm truly blessed.
Paramo Coffee Company
Have an amazing weekend guys ! I'll have another post up tomorrow ! 


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