Friday, April 24, 2015

Alexey by Flidais Parfumerie

Flidais Parfumerie is an all natural aromatics shop in New York. Creating  Eau de Parfum frangrances for the nostalgic and timeless soul. Folk Magazine was doing a giveaway for the Alexey fragrance and weirdly I won. I emailed Flidais Parfumerie to get more of an understanding of their fragrances. I connected with Rachel of Flidais to see what she does and got a beautiful explanation of her "Alexey" fragrance.

" It's the Eau de Parfum oil with the simplest blend (in terms of how many oils are used), and yet the look on people's faces after it has absorbed into their skin is priceless, and the younger crowds tend to go for it over all the more vintage,-y, floral scents I create. I think millennials are connecting with the need to feel clean, unadulterated, and connect to nature within our synthetic, cluttered world. I'm also loving that it's pretty androgynous, and that both men and women are willing to identify with something that doesn't really claim a gender." - Rachel

Alexey is a genderless (meaning it's versatility with both genders) parfum that truly brought back many nostalgic memories. When I first opened the bottle and smelt the fragrance, it sent me back to my childhood up north. Sitting around the campfire smelling the smells of summer, walking through the fields at my grandmother's house, and rolling on the grass as a kid under the floral trees in my back yard. This fragrance is perfect for spring and summer. It's so fresh and rustic and I can't stop applying it to my skin. It literally smells like I'm walking through a forest after a rainstorm.

"Smoky domestic cedar and warm sandalwood create an unforgettable, bewitching amber aroma. A drop or two of musky ylang ylang and spicy ginger are added for good measure. Deep, mysterious, and sensual; both men and women can revel in the simplicity of this natural, oriental wood. "- Rachel

I've gotten many compliments on it. I was sitting at my local Starbucks and a guy walked up to me and said " Is that amazing smell coming from you? If it's your cologne, I need to know where you got it because it took me back to my childhood". I was stunned that it could attract so many people. That is why this fragrance is my favorite. It touches my skin so beautifully and I love the smell. My fellow students gave me many compliments and they also said it sent them back to their childhood. There's something magical about this fragrance and I'm in love. 

Thanks again to Rachel and Folk Magazine for sending me this wonderful bottle. It truly means so much. Give these lovely people a follow 

Have a lovely weekend everyone <3

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