Thursday, March 12, 2015

| The Iron Grate |

Denise and I were working at a local antique show and she wanted to show me around Fenton. Since I've never really adventured in Fenton, she wanted to see what I thought. I was amazed for sure. Fenton is full of history and the people are so kind. Ever since I became friends with Denise, she would always talk about the The Iron Grate.  With us starting to go on more adventures, she finally took me there. 

"The Iron Grate was established in 1980 in the historic town of Fenton, Michigan. Bringing big city chic to small town America, Londoner Elizabeth Dickens and her daughters Tara and Kirsty have created an exciting business that continues to evolve."

The Interior and Overall 


As I walked into The Iron Grate I was breathless. The large windows letting in the wonderful sun light, illuminating everything was truly magical. There were many lively plants enticing the walls and the table-scapes . There were displays of lotions and soaps on every table, along with journals, jewelry, rugs, towels, almost anything you could think of. The ceilings are high and the up stairs is full of interior design pieces, clothing, shoes and a section for babies. But the best thing in my opinion was how lively the aesthetic was. It breathed life. 


This boutique has a large selection of goods that cater to anyone. From lovely scented botanicals to flasks. They have a lot of uniquely designed jewelry , soaps that are literally the size of your face, clothing, toys, leather journals, house decor; literally anything you could think of. 

Overal Review 

My overall review of this place is a 10/10. I really love this store. It has anything that I could really. Elizabeth was such a delight to talk to about my blog and she seemed interested in what I do, so here I am reviewing their wonderful store. I'm itching to get back so I can get a few cookbooks that I saw there.

If your ever in Michigan and or Fenton, you need to go to The Iron Grate.  It will literally have you leaving refreshed and rejuvenated. Not just by the soap but by the beautiful atmosphere.

You can see what The Iron Grate is up to on their Facebook.

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