Saturday, February 21, 2015

| Lush Gourmet Foods Review |

 Bisera Urdarevik of Lush Gourmet Foods sent me a little goodie box to review. She and I have always followed each other on Instagram and we finally had the chance to collaborate. Let me give you little bit of background about Lush Gourmet Foods: When Bisera was studying Baking and Pastry and Food/Drink Management she founded Lush Gourmet in 2011. She had always wanted to start a business so she took a marketing class. It gave her that extra push to create this business. The Lush Gourmet came to be! 

All of Lush Gourmet's nuts are all natural with no preservatives
  • USA grown peanuts and almonds
  • Gluten and Soy Free
  • Vegan
  • 0 grams of trans fat
  • 0 grams Cholesterol
  • The recipes Bisera uses are family recipes
  • Since I'm a vegetarian and I don't get enough protein as it is, Lush Gourmet's nuts gave me a boost of energy!
  • Also they're super delicious!

Flavor Profile
  • Coconut Lavender Almonds: These little morsels of sweetness are my favorite out of the bunch. They're really sweet and give you a hint of delicious flavor. The mixture of lavender with the sweetness of coconut make these almonds super amazing. I took them to school one day and I ate the whole bag...
  • Rose & Pink Peppercorn Almonds: These almonds really pack a punch. The floral notes of the rose make them  aromatic but theres this punch with the peppercorn, which you really don't anticipate, so its almost a mixture of smokey and floral which is really an intriguing flavor.
  • Coffee Peanuts:  These little peanuts never stood a chance in my grasp. The coffee flavor of them are so...mouth watering. These little peanuts are great for travel. You just put them in your bag and go! When I was sick last week and I wasn't allowing myself to drink coffee, these made up for it! If you don't like coffee, you should give these a try!
Bisera also sent me these little snack packs and when I missed breakfast before class, I'd grab one of these and I was on my way!

  • Original Peanuts: The flavor's of these peanuts were super simple. They're sweet and very nutty. One of my favorites for sure!
  • Salt and Pepper Peanuts:  If you want something super nutty. These are for you. The pepper gives you this small bite at the end!
  • Dark Chocolate Chili Peanuts: Every chocolate lover will want these. When you first bite into these its super chocolatey then the spice comes in (I'm not a spicy person) its like "Woah" I need a glass of water!

These nuts are perfect for everyone: delicious, packed with flavor, and perfect for people who are always on the go!
Thank you to Bisera for reaching out to me. Your products are amazing !
Here's where you can find 
Lush Gourmet

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Have an amazing weekend everyone!

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