Thursday, January 1, 2015

The story of 2014

Hello Everyone,
I'm sorry for the lack of posting on here. December hasn't been an easy month. This whole year hasn't been easy either. I've been craving this new year so I can start the things that I've always wanted to do.  I wanted to write about the things that happened this year. Both pro's and con's 

~2014 ~

1: Started this Blog
2. Met many amazing people through Instagram
3. Slowly breaking out of my shell 
4. A photo of mine was featured in the Independent magazine post on Buzzfeed 
5. Working for Someday Magazine 
6.Finding myself 
7. Becoming a Graphic Designer 

1. Was used for sexual endeavors by a man
2.RIP Murphy
(our beloved Golden Retriever)
3. My Grandmother contracting Lung cancer 
4. My Mac falling to it's doom 
5. Let my fears get a hold of me. 

But yesterday's journey made all of these things disappear and I felt infinite.
It was a rather low key day until I decided to visit my local Urban Outfitters. I drove to  Lansing for something specific that was going to blast this year with new adventures...or inspiration for those adventures. The UO that I went to didn't have it and I was bummed and I started heading home. I stopped for a second and thought, "No, I'm going to make this happen, I have nothing else to lose" (by the time November came around I was burnt out and was ready to give up). So, I turned around and headed to Ann Arbor to the Urban Outfitters down there. As I got on the express-way I looked into the sky and something was different. The sun was beginning to set and the clouds were fluffy and round and the sky was a faded pink color with splotches of purple and blue. And my mind began to race. The spontaneity that I was feeling and the determination and then I went into this revelry type of state.  Reflecting on the past year: all the people who used me, the pain my family was feeling, losing myself and gaining myself again, and letting it all go. And all of the pain that I experienced just disappeared and the feeling of " who I am" hit me. Becoming a Graphic Designer and wanting to work for a magazine company, a foodie, a traveler, a somewhat of a rustic man, a style lover, and a photographer plus all of the other things just came at me and the feeling of  "infinity" came. 

What this year holds 
1. Recipes
2. Mens Fashion
3. More Collaborations 

Hello to the new Tyler and the New year of 2015

See you guys in a couple days!

Much Love

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