Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wandering in November /\/\/\

Good Morning Everyone! This new segment is called "Wandering" . One post out of each month is going to be devoted to the music, the artists, the bloggers, and everything else that I've been currently following, listening to, and or drooling over (not really but you know what I mean haha...)

First Off!
Meet the new edition to the Wendling household. This is Cooper. He's a golden doodle. Cooper likes to eat carpet, the walls, the willow branches, and everything else he can get his paws on. He's such a sweet boy, and its going to be amazing to have a dog in the house during the holiday season. 

This song is awesome! It's edgy, poppy, and all around just amazing. The video is amazing as well!

Hero by Family of the Year:
This song is beautiful. It's so minimal  but it evokes a lot of emotion. 

Peter's art is blows my mind. His realism mixed with the simple form of a shape or line, it's absolutely stunning! Hopefully someday soon I can get his "Wolf Shard" as a tattoo. Keep doing what you're doing man! Great Work

 I've recently stumbled upon Megan's blog and I haven't regretted it. Her design work is on point, the photography is flawless, and it's simply perfect. Go check out Megan and Mike and their recent adventures on The Fresh Exchange! 

An amazing article on hiking! Who's going to join me on November 17th for "Take a Hike Day"?

Have an amazing week guys! I'll be back soon with another post ASAP. Cooper is currently biting my leg and needs to go outside...

Much love and Be safe
-Tyler James 

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