Sunday, October 12, 2014

Rock Paper Scissors ///

This weekend I went to Ann Arbor with my printmaking cohort  Denise Davidek. With both of us knowing Ann Arbor like the back of our hands we had ideas on where we wanted to take each other. The first place I wanted to show her was Rock Paper and Scissors. With this shop being one of my favorite boutique/shops ever, I had to come for a visit while we were in town. As Denise and I walked into the shop we were welcomed with open arms by the two workers at the desk. A big smile on their faces excited to see us come into the store. As you walk in, all you can do is stop and try to take everything in. There were so many things to look at. From prints, to stationary, to serving platters, drink ware, pillows, journals and much much more. The girls have the store decorated ever so nicely and beautifully.  Prints scattered on the walls, shelves among shelves of amazing products, it was a dream. As Denise went straight to the toddler section, I walked around looking at all of the prints. The design work was impeccable and made me want to work on my own design work. I continued walking through the store and I found myself in the back of the store. I didn't know this until the second time I visited Rock Paper and Scissors, but if you make an appointment with them, they help you design your wedding invitations! The motto of the shops is that they love to celebrate everything. Now how cool is that?! Celebrating parties, good occasions, or even just getting together with old friends is a wonderful thing. When Denise and I went to pay for our things, we chatted with the shop owners and had a stellar time. This store is a 5 out of 5 stars in my book. Amazing people, amazing and beautifully crafted goods, and a beautiful yet welcoming atmosphere
If your on Main St in Ann Arbor, Michigan you must check this shop out, you wont regret it one bit! There is also a store in Tecumseh Michigan.

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I hope you guys had a wonderful weekend! 
Much Love and Be Safe!

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