Monday, October 13, 2014

Literati Book Store \\\

I wanted to feature the book store that is currently my favorite book store of all time. That book store is Literati in Ann Arbor, Michigan. As you all may know, I'm on the constant hunt for new cookbooks, magazines, and inspiration for my everyday life. As Denise and I adventured around Ann Arbor, we walked by this little shop and I pulled Denise over to the doorway and said "Lets go in here"! We walked into Literati all I could do was go to the magazine section first. Seeing the newest issues of Gather and other amazing articles, it made my heart sing. Denise, moving towards the child section, I told her that I was heading downstairs. Looking for the cookbooks and the food writing section that every book store should have. When I got off of the steps I stopped in mid walk. There was 3 large shelves full of cook books and another for food writing. I literally ran over to the shelves and started reading the titles. In looking for The Forest Feast by Erin Gleeson, that's what I looked for first.  I've went to six different Barnes and Nobles looking for this book, and I could never find it. As I searched the shelves, it sat there looking at me right in the face. I grabbed it like a child grabbing the largest present under the Christmas tree on Christmas morning. I couldn't believe that I found it! 
This shop has so many wonderful titles to purchase. That's why Literati is my  favorite book store; it's full of character! The shop owners were so sweet and the atmosphere of the store was so welcoming and homey. I cant wait to get back there to buy more books, and for sure a Literati shirt. Thanks girls for the wonderful conversations, hope to see you soon Your shop is truly wonderful and keep doing what your doing !

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