Friday, October 24, 2014

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          Have-Company is a shop on Division Avenue that is curated and owned by Marlee Grace Hanson. It's a local and handmade good store full of lifestyle magazines, handmade goods, textile work, fine art, herbal remedies and much much more! Have-Company  has artist residencies. An artist residency is where you spend a week at Have-Company, working on your creations and then you teach a workshop. Have-Company also has a podcast where the current artist talk about what they're working on and how they became that type of artist along with their process.

         I remember it being the "First Fridays" of the month and my friend Sarah Lewis and I went to Have-Company for the first time. First Friday's are the first Friday's of the summer months where Division Avenue becomes a large artist market. That day, it truly became my favorite store on earth. It was simply perfect! Pure Bliss!!

     As you walk into this wonderful store, you're greeted by Marlee and then she asks about  your day and how you're doing, striking a conversation like you've been friends since you were young . That's my favorite thing about Have-Company. Yes, I love the goods, but it's ambiance...Its like home. Marlee has made the shop so welcoming.  It's warm and cozy and you're welcomed with open arms. This shop has certainly helped me find myself. It has inspired me to become a creator myself. Using a mixture of things in  my printmaking work such as textiles, yarn, flowers...etc. It was also where I got my first issues of Kinfolk and Hello Mr; another milestone in finding myself.  Whenever I'm in Grand Rapids it's vital that I make my trip over to Have-Company and spend as much of my time as I can. When you visit this store you truly get inspired not just by the work of the artist, but the artists themselves. Let's give a LARGE THANK YOU to  Marlee  for opening a great shop who has brought creators together.

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