Sunday, October 5, 2014

ADVENTURE LOG /// DETROIT PART 3: Shopping In Detroit

Here's part 3 of the adventure log ///
While Meredith and I waited for the Design Festival to begin, there were a few shops that we wanted to check out.  We visited City Bird, Nest, Willy's of Detroit, and Shinola. With me being an avid follower of all of these wonderful shops on Instagram, I couldn't resist. 
Meredith and I parked and payed the meter and we didn't know where to begin! We started with City Bird and Nest. Both shops were gorgeous and I felt like if I had a credit card, I would have maxed it out. Handmade goods ranging from prints, bags, candles, air plants, soaps, cooking utensils and so much more! Both amazing stores and the shop owners were so welcoming and cheerful !!

Then we headed across the street to Willy's and Shinola! 
I could have spent all day in these shops. I basically started drooling as I walked into these shops. When Meredith found out about Drought, we wanted to obtain some. With Drought being a fresh pressed organic juice ( in which her and I tend to fancy because we are health nuts), we sought out to find a venue that had some, And Willy's was the place. The Drought clerk gave us the run down of each drink and we made our purchases.
 Heading over to Shinola (as I'm beginning my blissful state of feeling at home again), we walked into Shinola and got a friendly welcome. The lady welcomed us and showed us around the shop. Full of leather goods, amazing hand crafted pieces, magazines, journals, watches, and even a bike shop in the back. It was simply perfect.

If your ever in the Detroit area, seek out these shops, you wont regret it. 

Have an amazing week, its going to be a busy one for me. 
Much love and be safe
-Tyler James  

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