Friday, September 5, 2014

Indigo Dyeing

Today I decided to try Natural Indigo Dyeing out. 

Tips for when dyeing with natural indigo.
-GLOVES! Wear a pair of gloves that go up to your elbows or your arms will turn blue
-Don't drop the unopened powder packets into the vat of dye (Oops...)
-Cover your surface. When dipping your fabric into the vat of dye, then letting it oxidize, you need to lay down plastic or sheets to keep your surface from getting messy. The indigo stains...
- Be Patient . It takes an hour for the dye to set up. It also takes about 10 minutes for each bundle of fabric to darken.
-Don't freak out. If the fabric is green after dipping don't fret; it's supposed to be like that. When it oxidizes it will turn blue.
-When getting ready to put your newly dyed fabric in the washer, make sure all other clothing is away from the fabric. When untying the fabric, the excess dye can go everywhere.

-Have fun! Create new folding techniques, and use rubber bands and sticks creatively. 

Have an amazing weekend everyone! 


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