Sunday, September 21, 2014

Breathe me

Ever since I was little I've always loved the song "Breathe me" by Sia.  It evokes an intense feeling of calmness, but it also makes the tears stream down my eyes.  So I thought why not do a series like I did with the "Entanglement" inspired shoot? I brainstormed and couldn't come with much. This weekend we celebrated my brother's graduation party at the town hall and I found the perfect setting for the shoot. I hope you enjoy this series of photo. If you want, you are more than welcome to play the song while looking at the series.  I'll also add my small artist statement... (Audio)

Artist Statement 
"Remembering the days of years past when I removed myself from everyone. I let go of my friends and family, never wanting to be touched. As a being of affection I gave it to everyone I came in contact with...but I wanted to feel it from someone. With never feeling the love from everyone, I started to crawl into the shell that I had created and never wanted to return; adding to the shields that once riddled my mind" -Tyler Wendling on "Words of the past"

With this photo series I want to help let go of all the past hurt that once held me down. In these photos I wanted to bring about a woozy/hazy feeling. Almost a blurred vision of ones mind. The two photos that are the most impaling are the one of me standing in the light of the doorway along with its counterpart the one of the three figures conversing. Symbolizing the removal of a person from his beloved family. 

I hope everyone enjoyed this photo series 
Much love and be safe out there


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