Sunday, September 14, 2014

Adventure Log /// Leaman's Apple Barn

Good Evening Everyone!

First of all before we get to the adventure log, I'd like to thank everyone for getting Wendling & Boyd to 300 followers on Instagram. You're all amazing, and I'm so blessed to have amazing followers like you <3! Alright lets get crackin'

A family tradition in our household is going to Leaman's Apple Barn. I remember as a child, Leaman's was a small apple orchard, with a donut making kitchen. Over the years it has blossomed into something much more extravagant. With an annual craft show, an apple orchard that has doubled in size, a facility of handmade jungle gyms for children to play on , and another area for the children to see baby farm animals. Their kitchen has grown and has made room for handcrafted jams and jellies, along with handmade knick-knacks and much more. Meredith and I went on an adventure since my parent's were out of town and I wanted to go to the annual craft show. So here are the shots from our adventure.

 Have an amazing week guys!
Much Love and Be safe

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