Saturday, August 30, 2014

Up North Musings

Michiganders take their vacations very seriously. It's a tradition to all of the inhabitants to take a trip to "Up North" on Memorial and Labor day weekend. Or well, it's a tradition in my family.

Here's a tutorial on how to spend your vacations like Michiganders do! Up North here we come!

Photo 1: Hunt down the Ice Cream Man (Lady). It used to be a rather creepy old man. My brother and I were glad that it was a girl our age this time! Casey loves spider man!

Photo 2: Always go to garage sales! You never know what you will find! And you can always find things for cheap!

Photo 3: In Houghton Lake, there is an annual Craft Show at the high school. This is my friend Amy Rose with here newly boughten princess ringlet. How adorable!

Photo 4: My family has always been sports oriented. So as a child we would go to the batting cages. I'd always watch my brother and father play baseball. I'd always want to play this "Bazooka" game. All you would do is put these rubber balls into a high pressured gun and hit the targets. And as a child I enjoyed this because everyone would get along.

Photo 5: Always get more ice cream

Photo 6: Ahh Funland! An arcade, an amusement / water park, and a putt putt golf  arena. The best! *Disclaimer* never tell your younger cousins about claw machines because they will go nuts and be broke haha. Yes I mean you Seth.

Photo 7: Always pull out the camera in an antique store and find the closest mirror! My mother and I would always find the antique stores and spend all day looking for the things we collected.

Photo 8: Wildlife! I named all of the ducks Gerald ( no idea why...anyways) When you go "Up North", your supposed to let go of all that has happened and relax. Letting go of all your worries and enjoying your time with family and friends.

Photo 9: Watching the sunset around a bonfire. The most important thing is to spend time with your loved ones. Being with your family and friends is the most amazing feeling. Never being judged or hated. 
Always  surrounded by love.

I hope everyone had a wonderful labor day weekend!
Be safe out there

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