Friday, August 22, 2014

My Morning Ritual

Good Morning Everyone!

This is going to be an installment of two posts.

Part one is  mostly what I do every morning. Part two will be about a morning of pampering and relaxation.

Here we go! 

I wake up about 7-9 o'clock in the morning. Some people say that I'm an early bird but I think it's the perfect time to get up. My grandparents always woke up at 8 o'clock to get there stuff done. So why not keep that mentality? It's early enough to get chores done, then I'm able to relax the rest of the day. Or if I don't have any chores that day, I wake up to have a morning to myself.

 I walk out to the kitchen and set the kettle of water on the burner and turn it on. I grab my french press and put in 4 table-spoons of coffee. As I wait for the kettle to whistle, I admire the outside world from the large bay window in our dining room. The sun streams in and the water in our ditch bubbles and flows so swiftly from last night's rain.

 The kettle sings and I poor the steaming water into the press and let the coffee steep. I grab a coffee mug from the cupboard, add sugar, milk, and a tablespoon of honey and pour the warm brew into the cup. I stir everything together and take a small sip, always ending up to burning myself. I set my coffee down and walk over to the pantry.

Getting the bread and the toaster out ,I put two pieces into the slots of the toaster. I pull my new "Fuzzy Naval" jam out of the fridgerator that my friend, Meredith, purchased for me on her travels  As the bread toasts, I usually grab the latest issue of my favorite magazines, with it being Hello Mr, Kinfolk, or Hearth Magazine. I always have my nose in a magazine. Nothing wrong with that right? I flip through the pages reading the articles, dreaming of what my future could be. Reminiscing in all of the people that I could potentially meet. The now toasted bread pops out of the toaster and I jump off of the stool. I spread the jam over the toast ever so generously and continue with my magazine. The birds sing, and the squirrels prance around my wooded yard and all I can is "This is paradise"

Have an amazing weekend <3

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