Tuesday, August 26, 2014


Good morning everyone! 

Imogen Heap recently released her new album "Sparks". As I was listening to the album, this song in particular spoke to me. Immi then released all of the music videos to her latest album. So in hearing the news, I then rushed to watch the "Entanglement" video. And all I can say is...wow. The video is simply amazing! It portrays Immi and her lover having an intimate morning together. Some people may be appalled by a video like this but... being intimate is human. It's not grotesque or risque, its simply perfect. This song and now the video has inspired me to do a photo-shoot. If you haven't listened to the album yet, or any of Immi's other songs, you should take a listen. Her music is eclectic and different and I give her new album two thumbs up! I'll post the link to the music video and  her website!

I hope you have a wonderful day everyone
Much love


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